Themed Boxes

We Offer Three New Themed Boxes Each Month!

We offer three monthly boxes. Our OG Stoney Babe Box (left), Baked Beauty Box (center) and Evergal Essentials Box (right). Click any photo above to learn more!

Purple Punch Strain Information

Our Rating: 4.5 Our of 5

Average Cost: $7 per gram

THC 18-20% CBD 1%

5 Best Cannabis Blogs Of 2022

The Stoner Mom is a weed blog run by none other than stoner mom Kathryn! She describes herself as a “thirty-something, yoga-pants-wearing mom to four.” Super relatable, amiright?…

Asiatic Cotton Mallow 101: Guide To Choosing Clear Rolling Papers

If you’re wanting a smoother hit with less smoke and ash, you may be interested in trying Asiatic cotton mallow papers, otherwise known as clear rolling papers.

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